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Sub-group: Musculoskeeletal Physiotherapy



It is very important to recognise that the aim of any therapeutic work undertaken with Gary is never to enter into an "I fix you : you fix me" relationship. His philosophy (which mirrors many others) is that the human body is the ultimate healer - a title belonging to no therapist. Gary's goal is simple: to help you to bring your body into alignment and create an environment in which the healing can begin. This can be a slow or a fast process. Gary will be willing to put time and energy into investigating your solution so long as you will too. For this reason Gary offers a package of four sessions so as to be sure to receive your commitment to the process.


Online certification No


Certificate programme

The Finding Centre course and the Flow Motion Model™

Certificate Title: None

Price: £1320.00 (ex VAT). VAT is only payable by learners on the Uk courses (£1584.00 inc VAT)

Duration: 6 days


Special equipment required None



Official website:



Anatomy in Motion

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