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Sub-group: Muculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapy


Philosophy: Dr. Stuart M. McGill is a professor of spine biomechanics at the University of Waterloo (Waterloo, ON, Canada). His advice is often sought by governments, corporations, legal experts and elite athletes and teams from around the world. Difficult back cases are regularly referred to him for consultation


Online certification No.


Certificate programme


McGill 1. Building the Ultimate Back: From rehabilitation to high performance. This two day overview course establishes a foundation of back function and injury mechanisms and applies this foundation for injury prevention, rehabilitation and performance enhancement.


McGill 2. The Three Hour Assessment. This one day course reviews the variety of patient presentations, responses and their clinical implications. A typical McGill patient assessment requires three hours. This course is very popular for savvy clinicians wanting to hone their assessment skills and understand the assessment algorithm.


McGill 3. High Performance Training. This one day course is for advanced clinicians and performance specialists. The development of movement/motor patterns, endurance, speed, and power within the principles that minimize back injury, or exacerbation of existing injury are work-shopped. Quantifying the athletic demands together with the current capabilities of the individual shape program design.


Certificate Title: 


Duration: 5 days


Special equipment required: No 




Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance (5th Edition) by Stuart McGill. 

Low Back Disorders: Evidence-based Prevention and Rehabilitation by Stuart McGill. 



The Ultimate Back (DVD): 2012 Second Edition Assessment and Therapeutic Exercise

The Ultimate Back (DVD): Enhancing Performance


Dynamic Lumbar Support: EmbraceAir

Dynamic Lumbar Support: LumbAir


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