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Sub-group: Manual and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy



Discover Physio courses combine the latest developments in scientific research with over 35 years of combined clinical experience to facilitate learning experiences that increase your knowledge, improve your clinical reasoning skills, and take your hands-on and perceptive abilities to a higher level.

These evidence-based courses will help you understand the anatomy, biomechanics, and optimal function for each region of the body. Moreover, you will learn how the body functions as an integrated whole – how the regions link together – which is essential for helping patients attain optimum function and performance.

Discover Physio courses use a new model, The Integrated Systems Model as well as The Clinical Puzzle (The Puzzle), to discuss and examine how impairments in one or more of systems can impact function and performance. The Puzzle considers the systemic physiological and psychosocial status of the patient as well as the functional integrity of the articular, myofascial, neural and visceral systems.


On Discover Physio courses you will learn how to use a combination of clinical tests and deductive reasoning to figure out the clinical puzzles that you see every day. How do you know when a non-painful but poorly controlled ankle is contributing to failed load transfer of the pelvis? When should you train transversus abdominis vs. deep multifidus? When should you use release techniques and when should you train motor control? When is the thorax the driver for lumbopelvic pain or for shoulder impingement? What area should you treat in order to address the main cause of dysfunction rather than simply treating the painful structures? Which treatment tools do you use – mobilization, manipulation, neuromyofascial release, dry needling, core training, movement and awareness training, functional exercise integration, strength and length exercises? When do you use which tool, and why? What exercises will be most effective in restoring function and helping your patients achieve their movement and performance goals?


Come Discover an approach to assessing and treating patients that will help you answer these questions and more.


Online certification: No


Certificate programme

The Discover Physio Series (15 days)

The Discover Physio Series – Update (5 days)

Treating the Whole Person - The Integrated Systems Model for Pain & Disability

Discover the Role of the Thorax in Total Body Function

Discover the role of the pelvis in whole body function

The sports pelvis

Restoring Form and Function of the Abdominal Wall After Pregnancy


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Special equipment required No






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