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dma Clinical Pilates Education



Sub-group: Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapy


Philosophy: The Clinical Pilates treatment method was pioneered by the creator of dma Clinical Pilates, Australian physiotherapist Craig Phillips. dma clinical pilates is different: designed specifically for use by trained physicians, as an assessment and treatment tool, to individually address each patient’s pathology specifically. This is as opposed to a prescriptive or homogenous Pilates exercise approach. While others train pilates instructors, we train physicians to become pilates clinicians. Founded on a solid research base, with both published and unpublished research proving it’s strong outcome predictors, ever evolving and developing, as new research is conducted and new evidence becomes available. 


Benefits for clinicians who incorporate the dma clinical pilates method into their practice:

- Subgrouping model, with strong outcome predictors

- Cutting edge, translational and pathology orientations

- Simple tools for complex patients

- Improves patient retention

- Improves patient outcomes


Online certification No


Certificate programme


Equipment/matwork (Level 1-4)

Matwork/theraband (Level 1-3)

Equipment Module (Level 1-2)



Certificate Title: dma certified



Duration See website. 


Special equipment required 

Theraband tubes


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Products ...


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