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Sub-group: Manual & Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy



Designed for practicing physiotherapists, the DPT program integrates physical therapy art and science, as well as professional and experiential education. It provides you with the necessary knowledge base for to become a doctor of physical therapy. Core courses within this doctoral program include differential diagnosis, diagnostic imaging, pharmacology, nutrition, and manual medicine. 


Because National University of Medical Sciences offers the most affordable 100% online on-demand DPT program in the world. This program is ideal for the working physiotherapists and physical therapists as they will have the flexibility to study at the time they wish without leaving home. As there is no need to attend a classroom, they can watch the lectures at the comfort of their homes. Students spending a large sum on the costs associated with daily travel. NUMSS DPT program tuition is kept low to make the program affordable to all students.


The prerequisite to enter the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program is having at a minimum a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in physiotherapy or physical therapy. Those with a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy or physical therapy can complete the program in two years. Those with a master’s degree or equivalent in physiotherapy or physical therapy can complete the program in 1 year. Applicants with a PhD in physiotherapy of physiotherapy or equivalent will receive advance credits. The DPT program can be taken as a dual degree program with a number of other programs such as the MBA in health care & the Doctor of Osteopathy (DO) program.


Online certification Yes


Certificate programme

Curriculum for the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Program (2 year FT, 2560 hours total 640 hours per semester)


1st year (1st semester)

CP301 Clinical Pharmacology I

DD301 Differential Diagnosis I

PT301 Physical Therapy I

CN301 Clinical Nutrition

PA301 Physical Assessment



1st year (2nd semester)

CP302Clinical Pharmacology II

DD302 Differential Diagnosis II

PT302 Physical Therapy II

DI302 Diagnostic Imaging

MP302 Musculoskeletal Pathology




2nd year (1st semester)

CP401 Clinical Pharmacology III

D401 Differential Diagnosis III

PT401 Physical Therapy III

LD401 Laboratory Diagnosis

MM401 Manual Medicine



2nd year (2nd semester)


CP402 Clinical Pharmacology IV

DD402 Differential Diagnosis IV

PT402 Physical Therapy IV

SM402 Sports Medicine

TH402 Thesis & Research project



Certificate Title: Doctor of Physical Therapy, DPT

Application Fee: €192.50
Tuition: €1,650 per semester 

Duration: 1-2 years


Special equipment required



Official website:



Doctor of Physical Therapy

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