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Sub-group: Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapy



The Functional Movement Group is a one-stop source for those in the health and fitness industries seeking to learn more about functional movement. We bring you interactive educational courses based on the most up to date research and innovative products with the mission to help professional like you bridge the gap between the health and fitness industries. Our unique approach means we are constantly evolving in line with the science to help provide you with an evidence based understanding of a person’s unique pain management, rehabilitation and performance needs.


Online certification No


Certificate programme

MAT Functional Assessment Course

The MAT Functional Assessment Course bridges the gap between traditional orthopaedic assessments and functional movements that are performed by your patients during their daily activities. This course covers the latest evidence based functional movement strategies and assessments on the MAT (Movement Assessment Tool) to help you set movement baselines, calculate injury risk and track treatment progression over time to help you improve your practice and clinical decision making skills.

MAT Functional Treatment & Training Course

The MAT Functional Treatment + Training Course course is the ultimate game changer for health and movement professionals. We will help you integrate the latest knowledge from movement, neuroscience and pain science fields to fill gaps in rehabilitation education as taught by higher institutions. For too long health and movement professionals have looked at body parts in isolation without considering how we integrate as a whole in movement. In this course, we will show you how to break any task down into the 8 fundamental movements we all perform daily whilst providing you with principles, strategies and an evidence based template to create movement capacity (strength, stamina etc), movement competency (skill) and movement variability (different angles, heights, distances, loads, speed etc) to rehabilitate your patients and clients and bridge the gap between injury and performance.


Certificate Title: None

460,95 €

Duration: 14 Hours


Special equipment required



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Functional Movement Group

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