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IASTM Technique



Sub-group: Manual Physiotherapy 



We’ll show you exactly why, how, and when you want to use instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) and how to integrate IASTM with your current manual therapy techniques to compliment and enhance your results even more!


IASTM is a simple, yet effective, manual therapy technique that will help you achieve better results with your patients.IASTM is not aggressive and does not cause excessive tissue damage and bruising IASTM does not replace your hands – it compliments your hands by adding another layer of soft tissue assessment and treatment. We’ll show you how we integrate IASTM into our manual therapy techniques and how it helps us get great results!


ASTM does not have to be complicated and does not require a several days of expensive seminar to learn and begin using. You can start using IASTM very quickly IASTM is based on simple principles that any clinician can implement IASTM can and should be used in conjunction with your existing manual therapy techniques. We’ll show you step by how we use IASTM for various body parts, conditions, and movement pattern dysfunctions!


Online certification: Yes, full online programme


Certificate programme

Full online programme

- The Basics

- The Tools

- Basic Treatment

- Treating Specific Body Parts

- Advanced Techniques

- Examples and Case Studies

- Resources


Certificate Title: None


Price $129.99


Special equipment required Yes





IASTM tools


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