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Sub-group: Musculoskeletal and Manual Physiotherapy




Geoffrey D. Maitland, Australian physiotherapist and cofounder of IFOMT (The International Federation of Orthopedic Manipulative Therapists) developed this specific treatment concept in the 1950’s. The advent of the Maitland Concept belongs to the most important developments in Manual Therapy.

The Maitland Concept is referred to as a’ concept’ and not as a ‘technique’. Emphasis is placed not on the technique of treatment but on a basic philosophy- a thought and decision making process, involving analytical examination and assessment on which treatment decisions are based.

Manual Therapy is relevant in a broad spectrum of specialist areas including conservative Orthopedics, post operative Orthopedics, Sports Therapy and rheumatological conditions.

Present day Manual Therapy no longer concentrates exclusively on the articular components of movement but also encompasses the assessment and treatment of the function and mechanical sensitivity or mobility of the neural system and the function of the muscular system.

When knowledge of current concepts of pain physiology is also integrated into therapeutic decision making, a specific treatment regime can be planned for each individual. This enables the physiotherapist to improve and broaden clinical practice in the following ways:

o    Through the use of precise procedures of assessment.

o    By the application of a specific thought process model that facilitates the analysis of patient problems on a theoretical         and clinical level.

o    Through the integration of the ICF in examination and treatment.

o    By the use of manual examination and treatment techniques of the vertebral column and peripheral joints.

o    By the use of examination and treatment techniques of neural structures.

o    Through the analysis of muscular imbalance.

o    Through instruction and advice relating to movement, posture and self management.


The Maitland Concept continues to be a dynamic concept through the integration of current scientific evidence. We are constantly striving to provide the most effective treatment methods to suit individual patient needs.


Online certification No


Certificate programme


Level 1 Introductory course (20 days)

Level 2a Intermediate course (2 weeks)

Level 2b advanced course (2 weeks)

Level 3Advanced Course (3 weeks)




Level 1               2.100,00 €

Level 2a and 2b   1.300,00 €

Level 3               1.950,00 €

Sum:                  5.350,00 €


Duration 440 hours


Special equipment required No




Maitland’s Clinical Companion

Peripheral Manipulation

Vertebral Manipulation



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