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Sub-group: Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapy



This unique postgraduate programme seeks to educate medical doctors, chartered physiotherapists and osteopaths in the field of sport and exercise medicine. During the programme you will be lectured by highly qualified experts in sport and exercise medicine and sport and exercise science on the latest academic and practical developments in the field. The postgraduate programme provides students with a wide breadth of knowledge across sport and exercise medicine and the necessary skills to apply theory into practice.



The programme provides doctors, physiotherapists and osteopaths interested in sport and exercise medicine with:

• The necessary scientific background knowledge to appreciate the issues arising in the field of sport and exercise medicine.

• Up-to-date training in modern methods of diagnosing and treating sports injuries, including emergency care.

• The necessary skills and knowledge to provide advice on the prevention of sports injuries. 

• An introduction to research appropriate to the field of sport and exercise medicine. 

• Opportunities to learn about the theory and application of sport and exercise science in a sporting context

• The opportunity to build upon previous research experience. 

• An opportunity to undertake a piece of discipline related research activity as exemplified by the dissertation project. 

• The full time course will include attachments to sporting teams for the student to gain experience and insight into working within a multidisciplinary team in a high-level sporting environment.


Teaching and learning methods will include workshops, lectures, clinical assessments, student presentations and individual study. Clinical skills will be taught in small groups with students required to participate as patients, examiners and examinees. Students will be able to access remotely all lectures via a virtual learning environment; internet and online search facilities can be accessed via the university learning resources web page.

Participation in a clinical placement in sport and exercise medicine environment/sports injuries clinic; delivery from a wide range of professionals involved in sport and exercise medicine and sport and exercise science, and the opportunity to work with fellow professionals who are involved in supporting elite performers at national and international level will also be offered as part of the programme.


Online certification No


Certificate programme

Full time: 1 year
Part time: PG Cert – 1 year
PG Dip – 2 years
Up to 3 additional years to complete MSc dissertation.


Certificate Title: Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma and MSc in Sport & Exercise Medicine




Duration 1-5 years


Special equipment required No


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Master of Science in Sport & Exercise Medicine

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