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Sub-group: Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapy


This world-class course is for physiotherapists seeking a specialist qualification in sports physiotherapy, compliant with international standards of practice. You will develop a problem-solving and clinically reasoned approach to sports physiotherapy, athlete management and performance enhancement. The blended learning environment combines distance learning with face-to-face teaching and clinical skills practice. You will experience an innovative blend of knowledge-based, activity-based and experiential learning. The face-to-face induction event and residential teaching weeks in the first and second years of the programme will enable you to meet and work together with other students on real-work problems, and engage in debate with practitioners from a variety of contexts.


This is a flexible programme. Our students typically study over three and a half years, however there is opportunity to complete units in up to five years.


Online certification Yes


Certificate programme


Year one (Certificate) 1-3 years

  • Sports Physiotherapy in Practice 1

  • Sports Environment

  • Exercise Physiology

  • Athlete Biomechanics and Sports Analysis

Year two (Diploma) 2-4 years

  • Sports Physiotherapy in Practice 2

  • Performance Physiotherapy (spine, lower limb, upper limb)

  • Athlete Management

Year three (MSc) 3-5 years

  • Evidence Based Clinical Sports Physiotherapy

  • Research Project Design

  • Sports Physiotherapy Research Project 


Certificate Title: Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma and MSc in SPorts Physiotherapy



MSc Sports Physiotherapy



Annual fee (a fee will be paid annually two years*)



MSc research phase (students registered in the third year)




Duration 1-5 years


Special equipment required No


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Master of Science in Sports Physiotherapy

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