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Sub-group: Sports and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy



Posturology is the study of the postural system and of the sensors used to inform your central nervous system about imbalances in your posture. Over the past 25 years, this discipline has dramatically improved our ability to address imbalances in posture. Neuroscientists have identified two primary sensory receptors responsible for the way your brain organizes posture information The skin of the feet tell your brain where your body is on the ground|The eye muscles telegraph the position of the head to your brain Unfortunately, many people have feet that do not rest evenly on the ground and eyes that do not track symmetrically. When your feet are uneven on the ground, your entire body will be uneven. Similarly, asymmetrical eye tracking can result in head and shoulder tilts as your brain attempts to keep the eyes on a level plane. These sensory imbalances cause alignment issues with your body. The central nervous system uses the information from all of these structures and properly set the desired resistance against gravity from the information received from feet and eyes. The goal of Posturology is to give constant information to the body (for a sufficiently period of time) in order for the corporal scheme to be “re-engrammed” until it becomes stable.



While the majority of classic therapy modalities concentrate on the musculo-skeletal system, Posturology focuses on the way the brain communicates to the musculo-skeletal system. In doing so, Posturology allows the practitioner to treat the body as a whole allowing the practitioner to change faulty motor patterns and provide immediate results and permanent changes with clients.

Here are a few good reasons why you should take a look into Posturology:



1. The best way to promote yourself is to deliver results

2. Through Posturology, you can increase strength performance up to 5.1% in just a few minutes.  This is the equivalent of one year’s training.

3. Posturology will allow you and your clients save time.

4. Instantly increase ROM without touching your clients.

5. Address any chronic pain or orthopedic conditions such as scoliosis to Parkison’s Disease.

6. Set yourself apart from the competition by offer a different system for  optimizing performance.

7. Grow your client roster by 55% year on year with the staggering results you will have gained through Posturology.

8. Identify a true leg length discrepancy which can impact key exercises like the squat, and are responsible for disk degeneration and lower back pain.

9. Learn what to look for how to neutralize the TMJ to increase performance.

10. This is an opportunity to address the lingering pain you have been living with despite your efforts to address it.


Online certification No


Certificate programme

Level 1 (2 days)

Level 2 (2 days)

Level 3 (2 days)

Level 4 (2 days)

Advanced Eye Course

Advanced Neurology


Certificate Title: None




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