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Sub-group: Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapy




Utilising 25 years of experience Mark Comerford & Sarah Mottram, together with their extensive team, have developed a state of the art movement screening tool. Driven by the latest scientific research and technology, The Performance Matrix Platform is the most accurate evidence based movement screening, analysis and retraining system. We know uncontrolled movement is linked to soft tissue and musculoskeletal problems which influence athlete's and individual's wellbeing and performance. The screens identify which movements cannot be controlled and consider limited ranges that drive movement faults.Our range of matrices include Core Matrices, Sport Specific Matrices.Occupational Matrices, Client Problem, Specific Matrices and the 4 × 4 Express Screen.


Online certification No


Certificate programme

The Performance Solution (12 day – 3 part modular training programme)


Certificate Title
Matrix Movement Specialist
Accredited Matrix Movement Specialist



The Modular System £850.00 per Modul


Duration ...


Special equipment required No


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The Performance Matrix

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