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Sub-group: Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapy

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Burr Leonard, Founder and CEO: Several decades ago, I dreamed of an exercise technique that would give students beautiful, lean, toned and healthy bodies for life and would help empower them to realize their own dreams. I started with an exercise technique I loved, The Lotte Berk Method, and fine-tuned its exercises by drawing on the knowledge of physical therapists. I added wisdom from my father George Leonard’s book, “Mastery,” to create a teaching system that would empower students to make lasting changes to both their bodies and lives. The product of my work is The Bar Method. The Bar Method exercise targets the muscles that play the greatest role in body change, then keeps these muscles working intensely and safely long enough for them to change. It then intensely stretches each muscle worked to make it look & feel longer & more graceful.


The Bar Method workout is fast-paced form of interval training that maximizes caloric burn during & after every class. This format gives students slimmer, leaner bodies after a few months of regular attendance.


Online certification Yes


Certificate programme

Beginners Workout (DVD)
Accelerated Workout (DVD)
Change Your Body Workout (DVD)
Super Sculpting Workout (DVD)
Super Sculpting II Workout (DVD)
Dancer’s Body Advanced Workout (DVD)
Pregnancy Workout (DVD)



17-20 $ per DVD. 


Special equipment required 

Exercise mat, stretching strap, exercise ball, hand weights

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The Bar Method

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